Monday, December 22, 2008

Hahahahahahahaha White Out!

This Saturday Shock and I did a little Triple D training with a 15 mile ride. We knew it would be cold and slippery. We didn't know it was going to start snowing sideways in our faces. Out on Pole line to Wagon wheel, then up and over to Happy Hollow. Happy Hollow has been closed since the flood this summer. There was about 18 inches of snow on that road. We tried bombing down, and rode for about 30 feet at a time. There was more walking than riding.
I took Deke's new Karate Monkey out to see if I could break it. It ran great. Shifted smooth, ran quiet, and didn't freeze despite being buried in snow for about 30 minutes. I'm planning on taking it down for the Triple D and really putting it to the test.

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