Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Burky's 30

A former and maybe it's fair to say "sometimes" Decorah Resident Jeremy Burkhart was recently surprised for this 30th Birthday Party. I wrestled with Burky at Luther and have had a few interesting riding experiences with him.At the first Big Wheeled Ballyhoo, Jeremy took out the Niner guy's personal bike because all there demo bikes were already out on the trails. Jeremy though he'd really try it out and rode it off the highest point of the Log Ride and tacoed the front wheel.
Another time O'Gara, Fuhrmann and I were on our way down to Missouri for a spring break bike trip when we picked up Jeremy at a truck stop about an hour away from his home in Dubuque. His Gary Fisher Rig looked sketchy at best. It had fenders front and back held on with rusty barbed wire.The most memorable ride would be the time I gave him my tube when we were riding in Arkansas in the middle of a National Forest. He got a flat and had forgot to pack an extra tube, so I gave him mine as we were miles from the trail head. Later on we got separated from the rest of the group when I got a flat. I had only brought 1 tube, but I thought we were close to the end of the ride and near the trail head. I told him to go ahead and tell the other guys what happened and that I would just walk my bike along the trail and meet them at the trail head. He took off around 6:00 PM and I started walking. I never did meet up with them, but that is a whole 'nother story.

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