Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Bike Blows!

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For the first time this year, some DHPT members decided to try and use leaf blowers to clear trails instead of walking and raking and raking and walking, and raking. It sucks but it has to be done. And what really sucks, is the leaves keep falling. Usually the trails have to be raked or blown multiple times. But wait a minute, riding is fun, let's ride and blow the trail instead of walking and blowing the trails. Laziness... or Genius?

Blower Bike. The 3 little pigs wouldn't stand a chance if the Big Bad Wolf rode a bike. The Chameleon outfitted with a Stihl Leaf Blower cleared out the trails in no time and made clearing the course for the Night Shift fast and fun. I know everyone loves to rake trails, so I'm sorry for spoiling the fun.


Joe said...

BRILLIANT!!!!! Too bad it was so noisy.

Trevor Rockwell said...

You had better patent that idea spinner. You could make millions or maybe not! Awesome job on the trails. Glad I won't have to rake anymore when I get back.

Sharon said...

Will you come do my yard?