Monday, October 13, 2008

Living the High Life

Sometimes, a man has to just appreciate the good things in life. Things like a sunny October Saturday. A little bit of a breeze, two wheels, a few friends and a peaceful ride through the Iowa Countryside on a windy gravel road. Almost perfect. The only way it could get any better, would be to throw in a good honest beer for a tasty price. One might argue that the fella who enjoys a nice cold High Life appreciates the simpler things in life. One who might stop to smell the roses or take in the view of the river from a few hundred feet up and enjoy a Champaign of Beers. If this simple kind of guy didn't have a back pack to carry his golden goodness, he might just fashion one out of a paper sack and duct tape. No sweat of his back, because the cans were darn cold when they left the cooler.


Anonymous said...

Does the High Life include leaving the motorcycle ride in Ballville?

O'Gara said...

Spinner was trying to live the HORNY life.

Spinner said...

And it worked. pricks.