Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cleaning out the Garage

I decided to clean out my garage last weekend and pulled every 2-wheeler out of the thing. I thought it was a pretty site. Some are faster than others, but each has a purpose. Not all of them are mine, but I do get to ride them all.
The Gravel Grinder as you can tell by it's coat of dust. My Gary Fisher Wingra is a nice ride for heading out to Bluffton for a beer, riding up hwy 9 to work, or pedalling down to Dubuque. It's a good ride, but a great ride for the price. Sub $500.The Bar Bike. This Santa Cruz Chameleon has spent more time outside of T-Bock's than in my garage. Even had it stolen at Nordic Fest, but I guess you can't keep a good bike down. I've crashed this thing off of retaining walls, snow banks, teeter totters, and O'Gara once rode it off the roof of a van. It is basically indestructible, which is why I bought it 7 years ago. I've even beat on it out in Grand Junction, Fruita and Moab last year. Here's my baby. The Good Ol' Salsa Mariachi has been rode hard and put away wet more than once. My First 29'er, and I don't see myself ever going back to a 26 on the trails. Single Speed, Hard Tail, Rigid, Disk Brakes, and the Fuel Tank of Fire (Surly Flask). This trusty steed really puts the power between your legs, or makes you build power in 'em.

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